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Our Mission
KC Productions is a privately held company founded in 1989 and located in Utah. We developed the "KC System," a one of kind system that provides for a "total entertainment package" that maximizes business and promotional opportunities.

Our company was formed to capitalize on a need identified by principals in the marketplace. Promoters and managers have a propensity to look only for those clients who may become "Superstars" in their particular field. Promoters and Managers, as a general rule, tend to require levels of achievement from their clients which do not consistently allow clients entry into the industry.

The "KC System" combines artistic ideals with the pragmatics of business.  It provides clients the most expedient business opportunities to develop and showcase their talents. The "KC System" builds a solid basis for talented individuals by providing guidance and an appropriate environment for clients to make realistic but rapid transitions from amateur to professional.


Our Founder and President
K.C. WEBB, President and Executive Director, is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. He brings 20 years of sales and sales management experience combined with years of broadcasting and rock music promotion experience.

Mr. Webb has hosted many radio shows in the Salt Lake market in both music and talk formats. He has performed voice-overs for commercials and promotional pieces for various organizations and organized concert tours for the U.S. military in Japan.

With the formation of KC MotorSports MMG.com in 2007, KC Webb is set to bring the same intensity and energy to marketing race teams and the companies that support them. KC MotorSports MMG.com looks to bring the new innovation of networking these clients to bring the ultimate in marketing and promotion.


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